1. What is the effect of exercising dumbbells to enhance sexual function
Dumbbell squats were once considered the first choice for men’s fitness. When practicing dumbbell squats, they can promote the secretion of male hormones and are very effective for enhancing male sexual function.

2. What is the effect of exercising dumbbells to lose weight?
If the purpose of exercising dumbbells is to reduce fat, it is recommended to do 15-25 reps or more per group. The interval of each group is controlled at 1-2 minutes. When choosing dumbbells, choose lighter ones, so as not to train too much muscles and become too developed.

3. What is the role of dumbbells to build muscles
Long-term adherence to dumbbell exercises can modify muscle lines and increase muscle endurance. Regular exercises with heavy dumbbells can make muscles strong, strengthen muscle fibers, and increase muscle strength. Can exercise upper limb muscles, waist and abdominal muscles. For example, when doing sit-ups, holding dumbbells with both hands at the back of the neck can increase the load of abdominal muscle exercises; holding dumbbells for lateral bending or turning exercises can exercise internal and external oblique muscles; holding dumbbells straight The shoulder and chest muscles can be exercised by raising the arm forward and laterally. Can exercise lower limb muscles. Such as holding dumbbells to squat up on one foot, squat on both feet and jump.

4. What is the role of dumbbell training to solve the imbalanced state
Normal people should have “dominant hands”, which is more obvious in heavy training. Some people will have an imbalance in the left and right muscle strength (or muscle size) due to long-term use of dominant hand training. How to solve it? Dumbbells are a very useful correction tool.

Because the dumbbell weight is optional. You can strengthen on the weak side; or train with the weight that the weak side can bear, until the two hands are almost adjusted. However, the correction of the non-dominant hand is limited. After all, people still have an advantage with the dominant hand, and they may not be able to achieve the same perfection.

What are the exercises of dumbbells at home
1. Stand upright, holding a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing each other. Keep your arms slightly flexed, and lift the dumbbells sideways to slightly over the shoulder height. Stop for a while, then slowly lower and restore.

2. Romanian deadlift: stand upright, push down a pair of dumbbells with palms down and hang in front of your body. By raising the hips, let the weight of the body fall back to the heels, bend the knees slightly, and slide the dumbbells along the thighs to the middle of the tibia. Restore to the starting position, then repeat.

3. Dumbbell Bird: Lie on a flat bench with your feet on the ground. Push a pair of dumbbells above your chest, palms facing each other. Keep your arms slightly bent, and slowly lower the dumbbells along the arc until your upper arms are equal to the ground. Stop for a while, then restore the dumbbell to the starting position along the same arc, and repeat.

4. Vertical stride: Hold a pair of dumbbells and hang them at your side. Stand on the side facing the flat stool, step on the square leg, and place your right foot on the flat stool. Push down hard with your right leg and drive your body onto the bench until your feet are flat on the bench surface. Then step under the left leg to return the body to the starting position. Then step on the left leg, repeat, and double back alternately.

5. Double dumbbell rowing: Hold a pair of dumbbells with palms down. Keep your knees slightly bent, your back straight, and your waist bend down 90 degrees. Pull the dumbbell up to the abdomen and touch the abdominal muscles with your palms up. Restore slowly and repeat.

Dumbbell fitness notes
1. The weight of the selected dumbbell is too light to achieve the effect of pulling domestic demand, and cannot break the body’s dynamic balance; the weight of the dumbbell is too heavy, the body’s dynamic balance is severely damaged, it is difficult to restore, and often it is not the ideal effect. . If the purpose of exercise is to gain muscle, you can choose dumbbells with 65%-85% load. If the purpose of the exercise is to reduce fat: you can choose a slightly lighter dumbbell, such as about 3 to 5 kg.

2. Don’t be overweight. Overweight dumbbells are easy to strain your muscles, which will not achieve the training effect. Generally, girls practice dumbbells to lose weight and shape their bodies. Women choose dumbbells, don’t choose very heavy dumbbells like boys do. Girls should be light and moderate, and the weight of dumbbells should be controlled at about 1 kg.

3. Lifting slowly and lowering slowly will stimulate the muscles more deeply. In particular, when putting down the dumbbells, you must control your speed and do concessional exercises to fully stimulate your muscles. Many people ignore concessional exercises. Even if the dumbbell is lifted up to complete the task, it is quickly put down, wasting a great opportunity to increase muscles. One action generally takes 1 to 2 seconds.

Post time: Feb-01-2021