The gym is back! But are you? Since remote work is now a part of daily life for many of us, we have designed three home exercise methods to ensure that it provides perfect pleasure and muscle pain
With the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and the opening of the gym, your first impulse may be to plunge into the old normal of training. However, if throwing dumbbells at home for a year, gaining weight in the garden, and playing kettlebells in the park make you rethink the way you exercise, we wouldn’t be surprised.
The gym is an incredible place, and we will always be the first to advocate its importance. However, it is undeniable that they also have barriers to entry, whether they are financial, geographic or time constraints. As we enter the age of mixed work, it is inevitable that going to the gym for a few days is not an option for some people.
Therefore, we propose a hybrid form of fitness. Go to the gym as much as possible and enjoy everything you missed in the past year—professional equipment, locker room jokes, or just a chance to get out of the house. Then, in the days when you are working from home, take advantage of our minimal kit, high-yield exercise, all of which are designed to be done anytime, anywhere.
Whether you want quick physical training during lunch, or half an hour to deal with the chores of working at home, or desperately doing 30 minutes of strength training, we will provide you with support-and all you need is A dumbbell. Therefore, no matter what your job is, you can get real fitness results through exercise.
Start the timer and start the action. This quick workout will put you directly into some intense physical training, which will blow away the last spider web in the morning.
Here, you will use the EMOM (“Every Minute Every Minute”) format. Every 60 seconds, a new action is started. Perform the specified number of times, rest for the rest of one minute, and switch actions every minute. The entire circuit is cycled four times for a total of 16 minutes. If you do it right, you don’t want to be a representative again. Let’s go.
Start with the staple food of this family exercise. Place the dumbbells on the floor next to you and then lower to the push-up position. Lower your chest to the ground (A), bounce your legs back and jump across the dumbbells (B). Repeat on the other side for a total of 12 back and forth.
At the beginning of the next minute, squat down and grab your dumbbell (A), then push up through your hips, use momentum to lift the dumbbell and hit it to the ceiling to fully lock (B) to complete the head. Return the weight to the starting position and change hands during the descent. A total of 14 alternations are performed.
I hope you are out of breath now. Bring the dumbbells close to the chest. With your back straight, take a big step forward and bend your front knees until your back knees are almost touching the ground (A). Stand up explosively, pause and repeat with the other leg (B). Do this 16 times alternately.
End the next minute with more things… well, pleasant. Starting from the high plank position, place your hands directly under your shoulders (A). Keep your elbows close to your ribs, lower to the floor (B), and then actively push upwards until your arms are fully extended. Rest for a minute, then go back to Bobby.
After the laptop was shut down for a day, this half-hour meeting was used to release some serious stress. Think of it as a one-stop shop for upper body pumps and calorie crushing. For the first part, follow the AMRAP (“as many representations as possible”) structure. Work back and forth for 16 minutes between moves. Rest for two minutes, then continue to the second part. This time, each action performed the best effort round for 40 seconds, and then rested for 20 seconds, alternating and repeating the actions, for a total of 12 minutes of sweating.
Place dumbbells on your shoulders, palms facing (A). Take a deep breath, tighten your core and clench the fist opposite you. Bend your knees, then lift the dumbbells above your head with your legs (B). Lower to the ground under control. After 10 times, change arms and repeat.
We have already pushed, so now we are pulling. Hold the dumbbell with one hand and hinge the hips until the chest is parallel to the floor (A). Keeping the back flat and clenching the opposite fist, draw the dumbbell towards the torso (B), squeeze the shoulder blades together and lower it in a controlled manner at the beginning. Go back to the top of the head to recommend.
Hold the dumbbells with both hands at hip height. With knees bent, hips slightly hinged, he stands up explosively (A). Use the power of your legs to push the dumbbell to your chest, and then immediately press it over the top of your head (B). Lower to the hips and repeat.
Speed ​​up the pace of some low-tech fitness. Hold the rope with both hands on both sides of the body, and fix both arms on the body. Use the movement of the wrist to put the rope on the head (A). Just before the rope hits the floor, jump up a few inches and let it pass under you (B). This is a sprint, so step on the accelerator.
With the start of a week of upper body exercises, you now officially have no excuses: Let’s start the legs day. In less than half an hour, this exercise can resolve structural weaknesses, increase strength and balance, and will take you a long way to build a bulletproof body. For the first part, follow the AMRAP structure. Set a 15-minute timer and work as much as possible between the two actions, taking only breaks when necessary. For the second part, keep the clock running but switch to EMOM format, alternating between the two actions for 10 minutes. You can sit down later.
Stand up straight and place the dumbbell on your right shoulder (A). Take a step back with your right leg and bend the front knee until the back knee touches the ground (B). Now stand up explosively, pause, and repeat. After 10 times, switch sides and repeat.
Now, pay attention to your hips. Place the dumbbell on the floor and hold it with the downward hinge to neutralize the spine (A). Tighten the latissimus dorsi and stand upright, push the ground away with your feet, and squeeze the buttocks at the top (B). Keep your arms straight during the entire exercise. After 10 times, switch sides and repeat.
This may burn. Place your heels on a weightlifting board or book, keep your feet within 6 inches of each other, and bring the dumbbells close to your chest. Squat down (A), then stand up explosively, stopping before your legs lock (B). Repeat 20 times.
We can guarantee that this will burn. Take one foot back and sink into a deep lunge (A). Blast upwards, swap legs (B) in mid-air and land forward with the other leg. Repeat, alternating legs each time.

Post time: Jul-06-2021