The barbell-shaped home sits in the center of an 11.69-acre estate for sale in the wooded community of McKean. Corridors connect the double ring sections.
This four-bedroom, four-bath home at 9774 Silverthorn Road, owned by Erie businessman and entrepreneur Samuel P. “Pat” Black III, is listed for $1,375,000.
Steve Shumigale, real estate partner at Erie Re/Max Real Estate Group, said the house was one of a kind. Shumigale is a real estate agent.
“I have lived in about 5,000 houses in 12 years, and my mother has lived in 25-30,000 houses since 1990, and we have never seen such a house,” Shumigale said. “It’s incredible.”
The 9,450-square-foot home was designed by Deltec Homes, a North Carolina firm that specializes in round houses, and was built in 2002.
“Incredible” features include wood-panelled circular ceilings, a patio, indoor conservatory, jacuzzi and pool. Due to its round shape, the exterior and most of the interior walls of the house are curved, and the rectangular spaces are used primarily for closets and pantries – both abound.
The open plan interior includes a living room on the ground floor with floor-to-ceiling windows and a stone fireplace. The elevator brought firewood from the basement. The library loft overlooks the room.
The kitchen-style curved kitchen features stainless steel appliances and stylish wood cabinets. The ground floor also has a “Hawaiian Room” or solarium and a three-car garage.
Upstairs in the main wing there is a gym with a stone fireplace, a kitchenette and doors leading to an outdoor walkway and stairs.
The master bedroom has a fireplace and two dressing rooms. The large master bathroom has stone walls, double sinks and a toilet, while marble surrounds the bathroom with skylights. A curved glass wall surrounds the shower stall.
Outdoor living spaces include several patios and terraces. On the territory there is a multi-level pond with carps and a large pond with fountains, gazebos and terraces.
“I especially love the serene nature of the entire home and property experience,” said Laura Guncheon, vice president of project management at Erie Management Group, founder and CEO of the group. “No matter how you look, you are surrounded by natural beauty. This is the place where you can experience the best of all four seasons.”
The house has geothermal heating, internal water storage tanks, UV water treatment systems, security systems, outbuildings and sophisticated electrical systems. The extensive exterior lighting can even be controlled from the master bedroom. The generator keeps the light on during a power outage.

Post time: Aug-23-2022