It’s time to introduce powerlifting and bodybuilding training procedures. Here is how to adapt to each sport.
The central goal of powerlifting is to lift the maximum weight possible for 1 time-this is called 1 time maximum (1RM). You will use the barbell to perform the following three actions:
You can’t just struggle in every movement. Form is very important in powerlifting. In the competition, three judges will give you a score for each weightlifting technique. If at least two judges give you a passing score, your weight lifting is important. (It’s kind of like “American Idol”, but without Katy Perry.)
If the judges give you the green light, your performance is based on your 1RM. (This is the maximum weight you lift each time you move.) Then calculate your score based on the absolute weight you lift relative to your weight.
Since powerlifting is about 1RM performance, your training will prepare you to lift as much weight as possible for squats, bench presses, and deadlifts.
In order to lift a lot of weight safely, it is also important to practice other exercises. These will provide you with more primary weightlifting stability, reduce the risk of injury, and help prevent muscle imbalances.
Most powerlifters focus their energy on the lower range of heavy weights and long rest periods (about 1 to 5 reps).
In the long run, you may also train for a period of time in a higher repetition range, so that you can maintain and increase muscle size.
Bodybuilding competitions are all about that body, baby. On the day of the competition, the jury rated the contestants in the following categories based on their appearance:
Just like Arnold, bodybuilders posed on stage in Speedos, bikinis, or other hardly any outfits to show off their products. Although bodybuilding requires you to practice and perfect your muscle regimen, the criterion for judging you is your overall aesthetics, not your physical performance.
Basically, your purpose is to show off your hard-won definition of muscle mass. The standards in these games vary, but the overall appearance of body shape, muscle clarity, and posture are important in this sport.
Since bodybuilding#aesthetics is the foundation, you may spend more time pumping iron in a slightly higher range (such as 8 to 15). This will stimulate more muscle growth than low repetition training.
You may lift slightly less weight than power lift, but do it more often. Your break time may also be shorter (1 to 2 minutes after each group).
In order for those individual muscles to really *pop*, you need to spend some time isolating the muscle groups. For example, you might handle some of these actions:
Weightlifters may also perform some of these moves, but bodybuilders are more likely to focus on isolation exercises during exercise.
For long-term #gains, you may use lower reps and close to the maximum weight for heavier training. The goal is to increase strength so that you can do more representation with heavier weight.
Although both weightlifters and bodybuilders rely on weight and resistance training to succeed in competitions, their goals are different.
Even if you don’t want to participate in a weightlifting competition, you can benefit from this training method. Here are just some of the advantages of weightlifting.
Lifting heavy weights in a low number of times can increase the density of bones and connective tissues. A 2018 review pointed out that compared with low-intensity training, raising 1RM (or close to 1RM) is much better at stimulating bone and tissue growth.
Why should we care about bone growth? Strengthening bones can help protect them from fractures. It also protects against osteoporosis, a disease that causes ultra-brittle bones (most common in the elderly).
Weightlifting is not just about shocking everyone in the game. It can also increase the intensity of your daily functions. So whether you are rearranging the living room furniture (again) or carrying all your shopping bags at once, this is just a trip, and weightlifting can help you prepare.
In particular, heavy squats and deadlifts can build the core stability and strength needed to promote spine health. This is helpful when you bend over, stand and lift heavy objects. As we age, this becomes more important for maintaining health.
Setting goals can help you stay motivated and committed to your health and fitness plan. Even if you think the competition is not for you, you don’t have to cancel powerlifting. Focusing on measurable performance improvements may be necessary for you to keep exercising day after day.
Many people like to lift weights because it is a good way to measure your getting stronger week after week. However, not everyone is driven by numbers, so find a method that works for you. Maybe lifting weights with friends is more motivated for you.
Even if participating in Speedo competitions is not your goal, bodybuilding training can help you build muscle and improve your overall health. Here are just some of the benefits of this sport.
If you want people on the street to start asking you to rescue cats from trees or lift cars away from people, bodybuilding is a very reliable starting point.
According to a 2016 review, using medium to heavy bodybuilding training with 8 to 12 sets of training for each muscle group is the best way to build muscle mass. And that muscle is not just for showing off. Increasing muscle mass also brings many other health benefits.
According to a 2015 study, increased muscle mass is related to improved insulin sensitivity, reduced body fat, improved blood fat levels, and higher resting metabolic rate. According to a 2018 review, it may also delay, offset or even reverse age-related muscle loss.
If you need a reason to improve your nutrition, bodybuilding may be a good choice. Although all high-performance sports involve dietary requirements and precautions, diet and nutrition are an integral part of bodybuilding training and culture.
The focus is on optimizing your nutrient intake and monitoring your calorie intake. It is not necessarily about restricting calories. You need to get enough nutrients to provide energy for your body because it builds muscles.
Pro tip: There are many reasons why eating well has nothing to do with the numbers on the scale.
Aerobic exercise (aka aerobic exercise) is important for any comprehensive fitness program. Although powerlifting usually prioritizes all these weights #gains rather than aerobic exercise, bodybuilding never stingy to make your heart beat.
Enough aerobic exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight, improve mood and relieve stress. Regardless of your motivation, the combination of aerobic and resistance training is definitely the ideal choice for any balanced fitness program.
Although dedicated athletes may insist that “was a bodybuilder and will always be a bodybuilder” (or “was a weightlifter and will always be a weightlifter”), this is not necessarily true. These two sports may be different, but in fact they are complementary.
Powerlifting is about sticking to a lower range of reps (approximately 1 to 5), while the goal of bodybuilding is higher reps (for example, 8 to 15). There are advantages to resistance training in the higher and lower repetition ranges, so why not mix them?
Sticking to the same routine training for several months is not necessarily the best for your health or maintaining interest. Although powerlifters focus on the three major moves (squats, deadlifts, and bench presses), you can get a more comprehensive fitness program by mixing them.
Change your daily activities by implementing powerlifting and bodybuilding exercises. In addition to practicing isolated exercises, you can also try to train the triceps, latissimus dorsi and deltoid muscles.
Whether you are powerlifting or bodybuilding, when you use weight training, you need to take appropriate safety measures. Here is how to do it:
Both powerlifting and bodybuilding involve resistance training, and both can help you build muscle and improve your health.
However, sports have different goals. Powerlifting is about maximizing your strength in three big barbell weightlifting moves. Bodybuilding is about maximizing muscle mass and reducing body fat.
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