Most household weight kits include dumbbells and barbells with interchangeable plates, and perhaps kettlebells and the like. The Hyperbell system is different in that it allows a set of dumbbells to serve all three purposes.
Hyperbell is manufactured by Jayflex, a start-up company based in Utah, and is designed to work with third-party dumbbells (for beginners, you can lift those dumbbells with one arm). The system includes a set of polymer clamps, a steel barbell bar and a steel kettlebell handle.
When users wish to exercise with dumbbells, they will use their existing dumbbells as usual. However, for barbell exercises, they first fix the foam-lined clip to the two dumbbell barbells. They used the locking ring on each clamp to install the clamps/weights on the ends of the Hyperbell rod. From there, they started lifting dumbbells, replacing the usual plates with dumbbells.
The kettlebell handle works in a similar way because it is connected to the clamp, which in turn is connected to a single dumbbell. Depending on the exercise performed, the handle can be installed in line with the dumbbell bar or perpendicular to the dumbbell bar.
According to Jayflex, each fixture can support up to 100 lbs (45 kg), while the weight of the rod is twice the latter. The system is said to be compatible with most brands of dumbbells, as long as the bar is at least 4.5 inches (114 mm) wide.
If you are interested, the Hyperbell system is currently the subject of Kickstarter activities. Assuming mass production, you only need to pay $99 to get a set of installation procedures that includes two fixtures and one pole, including three fixtures, one pole and one kettlebell handle. The installation procedure requires $129-planned retail prices respectively It is 149 US dollars and 189 US dollars, respectively.

Post time: May-25-2021