Heavy training can be divided into five types: self training, resistance band training, mechanical training, rope training and free weight training. These five types of sports have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of safety and muscle strength, and free weight training using barbells and dumbbells is the king of weight training.

There are countless retraining events, which can be classified according to the equipment used. In addition, each type of training method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you must first understand the characteristics of each type of retraining before you can choose the right project.

The types of heavy training can basically be divided into “self-training” that does not use equipment and completely depends on one’s own weight, “resistance band training” that uses resistance bands, “mechanical training” that uses training machinery, “rope training” that uses ropes, and Five types of “free weight training” using dumbbells or barbells.

Basically every type of training method covers the basic exercised muscles. For example, when using “automatic training” and “mechanical training” to exercise the same muscle, the effect will vary with the difficulty of execution and the weight used, so adjust the type of training method according to the target muscle, or use multiple types of You can get good results by exercising the same muscle in the same way.

① Self training
Heavy training methods such as standing up or using your own body weight to exercise your abdominal muscles are called “self-training.”

The biggest advantage of autologous training is that you don’t need to use any equipment. People who don’t have time or budget to go to the gym can also do autologous training in their own home without spending half a dime.

Another major advantage of autologous training is that even heavy training novices can safely challenge muscle limits without worrying about the problem of barbells or dumbbells falling off.

Autologous training is different from heavy training using equipment or machinery, and there is no way to fine-tune the size of the load. If the load is too light, there will be no sufficient effect. If the load is too heavy, it will not be able to complete the proper number of times correctly, and after the muscle strength is strengthened to a certain degree, the load cannot be increased. At this time, it takes extra time to adjust the relatively large load according to demand.

② Resistance band training
Although tools must be prepared for “resistance band training”, it can be performed at home just like self-training, and it can be easily taken on a business trip or traveling.

In addition, just changing the position of the resistance band and adjusting the length can easily increase or decrease the load. A resistance band can also change a variety of items, which can be said to be a highly versatile training method.

From the point of view of training effects, resistance band training is minimally affected by inertia, and there is no load loss in almost the entire movable range. It can easily trigger the two chemistry of “accumulation of anaerobic metabolites” and “hypoxic state”. Sexual pressure to achieve muscular effects.

On the other hand, the tension of the resistance band changes greatly with the length, so in the initial position where the resistance band is still loose and short, the load on the muscles is also small.

When the resistance band is used, the load is relatively small when the muscle is stretched when the muscle is exerted, so it is more difficult to cause subtle damage to the muscle fiber, so it is difficult to promote muscle growth in this respect.

③ Mechanical training
The characteristic of “mechanical training” is that it is safer when the weight is the same as using barbell training.

In addition, the motion track is restricted by the mechanical structure, so from the perspective of the difficulty of learning the motion posture, it is simpler than other training methods, and it is easier to have an effect on the target muscle.

Most heavy training machines use counterweight lead blocks, and the weight can be easily adjusted by adjusting the bolts. Therefore, when the weight of a whole set of items is adjusted at the same time during exercise, there is no need to work too much.

Although the mechanical motion track is stable, the friction force between the handle joint, the weight lead and the track will affect the lowering (eccentric contraction) and reduce the muscle load. Although the effect of friction varies from machine to machine, it does exert a load on the muscles during eccentric contraction, which is the key to promoting muscle development, so you must pay special attention to this when implementing machine training.

On the whole, mechanical training is a training method with many advantages.

④ Rope training
“Rope training” also belongs to a type of mechanical training, but here we will introduce the mechanical training items using ropes independently.

Rope training can easily adjust the weight like mechanical training, which helps to safely challenge muscle limits. In addition, general rope machinery can change the starting position of the rope, so that it can continuously apply load to the muscles from all directions without being affected by the direction of gravity. Even hard-to-work parts such as free weight training and autologous training can easily apply loads.

⑤ Free weight training
“Free weight training” using barbells or dumbbells is the king of weight training.

After proficiency, you can not only challenge high weight, but also will not lose the load due to friction during centrifugal contraction like using machinery.

In addition, free weight training usually uses a lot of muscle groups, which can easily achieve a considerable amount of exercise. Free weight training puts a lot of pressure on the whole body and helps stimulate hormone secretion to promote muscle development.

Those who will pursue high training effects before going to the gym may wish to use some free weight training programs.

However, free weight training does not have a fixed movement track, and it is difficult to maintain the correct movement posture during the training process, so it is not uncommon for the effect to be ineffective due to incorrect posture. A little carelessness during training may cause injury.

It is generally believed that free weight training is “suitable for heavy training veterans,” but as long as the weight is not set beyond the ability, there will be no danger. Women and heavy training novices can try it bravely.

Post time: Feb-01-2021